Where Did D.B. Cooper Get the Tie He Left Behind on the Plane? Maybe HERE.

Cooper was careful to take back any notes and dispose of certain evidence before he jumped from the Boeing 727 on the evening of November 24, 1971. But he discarded a JC Penney tie on the back of his seat. If NWA purser and former paratrooper Ken Christiansen was Cooper, we think we know where he got it. Where? At the JC Penneys in downtown Auburn, WA. He would have gone right past it on his way to work at the SeaTac Airport. The only other nearby Penneys in 1971 was miles SOUTH of his apartment. His alleged accomplice Bernie Geestman, who lived in nearby Bonney Lake, also worked up north and would have taken the same route. We think that either Kenny was provided the tie by Geestman, or that Kenny bought it himself. But that in either case, the tie originated at the Auburn Penneys.

See the attached picture for details.TheTieAndWhy


  1. I think that Geestman provided Christiansen the tie. Roughly a month ago when the tie was tested for forensic evidence it came up that there was traces of titanium left on the tie clip itself – and some hypothesized that the hijacker possibly worked for Boeing. Who else worked at Boeing as a mechanic? Geestman. I’m not an expert at how long before the hijacking Geestman had worked at Boeing – but there is a possibility that he supplied the tie that Kenneth Christiansen (or DB Cooper) wore on the night of the hijacking.

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    1. We think the same thing, and for a few reasons. First, the JC Penneys in Auburn is on the same route as either Geestman or Kenny Christiansen would take to work back in 1971 or before, whether it be Boeing, NWA, or the SeaTac Airport. Another reason is that although Cooper was careful to retrieve notes, an empty matchbook, and other evidence, he just threw the tie casually over the seat before he jumped. This indicated to us he wasn’t worried about it for whatever reason.

      NEW: Over at the discussion site we host on the hijacking, I just put up a link to Geoff Gray’s release of the first batch of UNEDITED files from the FBI. These are not redacted (edited out in black here and there) files, either, which means he didn’t get them through an FOIA request. See the thread ‘Quickie Updates if You’re in a Hurry’ over there. 296 pages of witness interviews, etc. Site is here: http://adventurebooksofseattle.freeforums.org/


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