Life Imitates Art? REAL FBI Agents Raid TV Production Company Where EX-FBI Agents Were Researching Upcoming TV Special on ‘DB Cooper’ Hijacking Case

It’s a strange deal for sure, and the details are only slowly coming together. LMNO Productions, creators of content for cable television such as The Little People and Killer Confessions, put together a team to investigate a new suspect in the unsolved ‘D.B. Cooper’ hijacking. This team consisted of more than forty people, many of them ex-FBI agents and other Federal officers. They recently completed their work, and the end result was a four-hour special for History Channel that will premiere on Sunday, July 10th at 9PM-11PM, and conclude on Monday the 11th at 7PM-9PM. (All times Pacific) There is also a book on their investigation, which will be released in paperback and Kindle on July 12. The show is titled, D.B. Cooper – Case Closed?

However, in the last few weeks before the premiere, a complex situation arose that was so weird it could only have come from Bizarro World in a Superman comic.

LMNO Productions has alleged that their former bookkeeper, Paul Ikegami, embezzled about a million and a half bucks from the company, and then attempted to extort another $800,000 from them when he was confronted. They are currently suing Ikegami for $10.5 million, alleging that he not only cooked the books, but covered it up for more than five years while sending large checks to a bank account he controlled. In short, it’s a mess. At the website for Ikegami and Co, there is nothing there now except a message saying: ‘This Page Under Construction,’ although they have been in business for many years. Ikegami has not responded to inquiries and phone calls from media.

LMNO also claims that when he was finally caught at it, Ikegami started trashing the financial records of the company, and then took the cooked books to Discovery Channel in an attempt to somehow blame LMNO for the content of the books. Discovery responded by canceling its contracts with LMNO, and taking over production of a half-dozen TV shows formerly produced for them by LMNO.

LMNO fired back at Discovery Channel with another lawsuit alleging Discovery had stolen their shows, or illegally broken contracts with LMNO.

On June 30, 2016, FBI agents raided LMNO offices and seized records, hard drives, and probably even toilet paper from the bathrooms. No one really knows why, although it most likely had to do with LMNO’s present lawsuit against Discovery Channel. The most likely reason is that the FBI is trying to figure out exactly who had their hands in the LMNO Productions cookie jar.

In dozens of articles already out there on the internet, the comments to those articles run about six-to-one against LMNO, as people claiming to be former employees, or to have participated in some of their past shows, said the company had shady business practices, or delayed payments that were due them. But who knows what the real story is here? Maybe the lawyers and the FBI can sort it all out.

The REAL FBI, that is. Not the former agents who worked on the DB Cooper Special. They name Robert Rackstraw, a blue-eyed guy who was only 29 years old at the time of the Cooper hijacking as The Guy. (All of the witnesses pegged Cooper as being in his mid-40’s with brown eyes) Then they blew off Kenny Christiansen as a suspect without mentioning anything about the 54-page report that went to the Seattle FBI on him last August. (They were provided with the file via their researcher Avrielle Gallagher)  Is this life imitating art, or the other way around? Don’t ask this writer. I’m already getting a headache trying to figure it out. 

Outside Links of Interest:

A comprehensive article by Deadline Hollywood that tries to make sense of it all. There is a link there to the 20-page PDF of the actual lawsuit filed against Ikegami by LMNO.

PDF of file sent to Seattle FBI and LMNO Productions on suspect Ken Christiansen:

Click to access FinalReportChristiansen2015.pdf



  1. Tony? You’re the guy in the video showing the book to the radio guy doing the interview? That’s very interesting. Yes…I took still shots from the video and was able to read most of the pages you put in front of the camera. There is a suspect out there, yes. His name is Kenny Christiansen and they’re going to make a full-length movie about him.

    I will send you an email. Sincerely, Robert


  2. Isn’t there another suspect now sense the sheriff’s log book stating the description of the bomb as only a little girl and the stewardess describe it now it seems to me now it seems to me that this information was just brought out recently would change the whole course of Investigation I know because I have Sheriff Miller log book that has that information on it I think it’s worth mentioning I’ve had that logbook since the eighties and I brought H to the festival they have yearly I don’t know I was just wondering because haven’t seen anything else about it and that would be the third person saying the same thing that seem to be covered up at the time


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