Adventure Books of Seattle and the D.B. Cooper Case – UPDATES

From Robert M. Blevins, managing editor, Adventure Books of Seattle –

Some brief updates regarding our investigation into the famous ‘D.B. Cooper’ case, as well as the upcoming film about the life of Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen:

The ‘Adventure Books Discussion Forum’ at Proboards has been re-established HERE.  All further updates regarding Christiansen, the Cooper case, the movie, etc will be posted there, or at our main website at Adventure Books.

About the movie:  After a long conference call with the film producers, they decided to extend the option on our book, Into The Blast – The True Story of D.B. Cooper for one additional year, and we agreed on a payment for all that. I was told today that they are only days away now from partnering with another studio to shoot the movie. They are using both the book itself, and have access to all investigatory files we gathered on Christiansen since 2009. Our prior option expires on January 24th, that’s why we had to come to another agreement. I am told that I will be allowed to make an announcement as soon as these two companies do it first, and that should be by the end of January, I hope.

I would like to apologize for keeping Cooper fans on the string for the last year. When we got the option to create the first-ever dramatic feature film on the Cooper hijacking, I got excited and was more than happy to tell everyone about it. However, because I also signed a confidentiality agreement with the studio, I couldn’t give too many details about the project. Looking back, it would have been better not to say anything at all, since this made some D.B. Cooper fans a little angry. I can’t blame them. But be assured I will tell you everything the very moment I can. And that should (finally) be fairly soon. I do thank those of you who understood our position and had some patience. Many of you emailed us when we had the AB Discussion Forum going, and I appreciate your support.

With the money paid to me for the second year’s option, I am helping produce and directing a two-hour documentary on homelessness in Seattle. Chris Brown from Seattle and I will split this job evenly, with both of us taking turns either doing interviews or shooting the actual footage. We are coordinating with the Seattle – King County Coalition on the Homeless, the largest organization in Seattle trying to help these people. More on all that later in another post over at my personal WordPress blog.

My personal thanks to those of you who have supported our efforts over the years. Once the movie on Christiansen/Cooper moves forward, I only have one more duty to accomplish on that. I will be working with the main screenwriter assigned to the project, to assist him (or her) with getting the facts right on both the hijacking itself, and the life of one Kenneth Peter Christiansen, who we believe was indeed…D.B. Cooper.


Author: robertmblevins

Sci-fi writer and managing editor for Adventure Books of Seattle.

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