Fear and Loathing Part 3 – The Lighter Side of Cooperland in Cartoons

When Cooperland comes at you in nasty ways, you can respond seriously as this writer did in Part 1 and Part 2. For Part 3, the final entry in this series, I decided that cartoons to illustrate a point (as well as revealing some truths about Cooperland) were in order.

Presented are cartoons that poke fun at some rather serious issues in the world of DB Cooper. They include my view on Marla Cooper, who once claimed on downright flimsy testimony that her uncle was the hijacker. Others address people like Cooper investigator Bruce Smith, who is a follower of ‘channeler’ J.Z. Knight.

Another looks at the upcoming public gathering on the Cooper case, which takes place in November 2018, and why the organizers were dumped by the first venue they selected to hold the conference. Needless to say, I’m not invited although I have to be in California that weekend anyway.


ABOVE:  How it all started. Dan Cooper scams Northwest Airlines out of $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills. He bypassed the more-controllable ‘sport-type’ parachute and donned what some chute experts call ‘the bulldog of parachutes,’ a military-issue C-9 packed into a Navy Backpack Six container (or NB-8, depending on who you ask). The C-9 canopy has been used for ejection exits from military jet aircraft. This may mean Cooper was ex-military, since he seemed to know what he was doing with it, according to Flight 305 stew Tina Mucklow in her testimony to the F.B.I.



ABOVE:  The famous Marla Cooper, who claimed back in 2010 that her uncle was D.B. Cooper. She was a media darling for a while, and had a possible book deal in the works. This writer once interviewed her for an article at the now-defunct Newsvine/MSNBC site. (‘Ten Questions for Marla Cooper’) Her story collapsed when she changed it to fit the known facts,  and other family members who were present when her uncle supposedly hijacked the jet would not support her story. She could not explain how her uncle managed to land in Oregon, when the famous Tina Bar money (part of the hijacking ransom) was found many miles north – in Washington State. Cooper fans nicknamed her  ‘Twisty Butt,’ and although most don’t really believe her story…they still like her.


ABOVE: Bruce Smith of the Mountain News, a WordPress blog that hosts articles on Cooper, as well as some local news covering the area near Mt. Rainier. Smith is originally from New York state, and claims he was a draft dodger who fled to Canada to avoid Vietnam. His book at Amazon, ‘D.B Cooper and the F.B.I,‘ is not a bad historical record, although he goes off the rails a bit in the second half when he starts in with the conspiracy theories and his beliefs that channeler J.Z. Knight (‘Ramtha’) is legitimate, and ‘remote viewing’ a possibility to solve the case. Generally, the Mountain News is entertaining, although the crazy comments he allows on his site often contain hateful blurbs about others investigating the case.

BELOW: Two more cartoons on the subject of Bruce Smith.



BELOW:  Poking fun at the organizers of the 2018 ‘DB Cooper Symposium,’ which is being presented in Portland, Oregon this November. Their first choice on a venue was the Portland Yacht Club, who (wisely) decided to dump them after Adventure Books of Seattle asked the Yacht Club to ensure no slander regarding AB would be presented at the gathering. This slander (mostly at Mountain News and The DB Cooper Forum dot com run by host Dave Brown) had been going on for months. No worries. The organizers found another venue, and we decided to let them be. We figure they got the hint. 


BELOW:  I suppose if you’re going to poke fun at everyone else, you should do one on yourself. My take on AB of Seattle’s investigation into Kenny Christiansen as a suspect in the Cooper case. Christiansen’s life story and his involvement in the hijacking have been optioned for the first-ever, full-length feature film on Cooper.


As far as the media, they are now shying away from Cooper sites, or investigators in the case…who either attack others involved in the case, or go the negative route.

Frankly, it’s about time.
(Cartoons copyright by Robert Blevins and Adventure Books of Seattle)



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