DB Cooper – A Response to Brainless Claims that Sheridan Peterson was the Hijacker

Can we say ‘brainless’? In the case of Eric Ulis, a guy from Scottsdale, AZ who claims he has proof that skydiver and former teacher Sheridan Peterson was actually Cooper…the staff of AB of Seattle give him a five-star score. Unfortunately, the higher the score, the more brainless you are considered. Ulis has organized a DB Cooper Conference for November 2018 to present his case. Although we think the conference is an okay idea, we also believe Ulis is way off base trying to pin the hijacking on Peterson.

So…it’s not really a GOOD score. 

dumbquestionsWe decided to address Ulis’ public claims on Peterson using his publicly-posted points at his own website on Cooper.  Drawn under Fair Use guidelines to respond to a point, for investigative or newsworthy purposes, or for research.
(Our responses are in parenthesis.)

Sheridan Peterson

If readers would like to see OUR reasons why Petersen is NOT the hijacker, click HERE. His entire history is there, in the form of a complete bio he provided while running for a school board position a few years ago in California. The timeline on it, which covers the time of the hijacking is extremely detailed.

SheridanPetersonMug shot,CHINA, 1992
Retired teacher and skydiver Sheridan Peterson. His history includes marching for civil rights and writing an antiwar book more than 800 pages long.

In general, we have to file Ulis’ claims regarding Sheridan Peterson under College HumorJunior High Edition.


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