DB Cooper Update: Television Shows in Production for 2018

Robert Blevins from Adventure Books

Two shows are currently in production on the Cooper case, and the staff of Adventure Books of Seattle are involved with one of them.

The Programs: 

Minnow Films –  A highly-rated documentary production company based in London (they’ve won a few BAFTA’s for their work) are already in the States doing a full-length feature film  documentary on the Cooper case. They say they do not plan to favor any Cooper suspect over another. This writer is scheduled to appear in the film very soon.

tvshoot3Minnow production coordinator Anna Stephens asked me to recreate the poster boards I used in the 2015 YouTube video on Kenny Christiansen. I am very proud to appear in this documentary. I updated the information and pictures on the boards, to represent our latest information on the Cooper case.

Karga Seven
– They are currently working on a one-hour television special on Cooper  that will premiere on the Travel Channel. The program is being produced out of their Los Angeles offices, and we know a bit less on them than we do about Minnow.

The Feature Film on Kenny Christiansen as Cooper – Despite what you may have heard, it is moving forward. The production companies have decided the best approach is to hire a known screenwriter with a good track record in Hollywood to do the script. I have been told this is where a good chunk of the initial budget will go. I can’t tell readers much more than that, but I can offer a few details.

johnjarvisfbiFirst, we have full cooperation from suspect Kenny Christiansen’s family, my co-author Skipp Porteous’ family, (Into The Blast – The True Story of D.B. Cooper) as well as the family of the alleged accomplice, Bernard Wayne Geestman. They also plan to name Special Agent John Jarvis as the witness who told three people that Kenny was the hijacker, and that is the reason the Cooper case was actually closed in 2016.

In any case, 2019 should be a good year for the Cooper case, and we love the BBC. We figure at some point…the Minnow Films production will end up there. 

Questions about this article can be sent to adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com



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