D.B. Cooper – Another ‘Cooper Campout’ Scheduled by Adventure Books of Seattle

Submitted by Robert Blevins, Managing Editor, Adventure Books of Seattle:

(NOTE: If you have questions, or wish to attend, contact adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com ) EDIT on December 5, 2018: IMPORTANT! The date of this campout has been changed to the FOLLOWING weekend, to Friday, January 11th to Monday, January 14th. All people signed up to attend have already been notified.

We’re baaaack! AB of Seattle is organizing another public-invited campout to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. This time it’s a WINTER campout, but not to worry. We never go above the snow line and even passenger cars can make it to our chosen location easily.

Date/Time:  Friday, January 11, 2019 – Monday, January 14.

Camp will be set up by noon on Friday. AB staff break camp on Monday morning.

Location:  Olympic National Forest, just off Forest Service Road 23, about 20 miles WEST of the George Adams Fish Hatchery.  (For safety reasons, we do NOT release the exact location of the campsite publicly. Confirmed campers receive maps and other instructions via email.) See map picture for approximate location. GENERAL DIRECTIONS:  From Highway 101, turn left at the hatchery onto Skokomish Valley Road. Follow the road to the end, where it splits in two. One road goes UP, the other stays flat. Take a right and go UP. Road turns into Forest Service Road 23, which is paved here and there along the way. Turn onto 23. Campsite is located on a side road several miles further. Detailed directions and a comprehensive map are provided in to anyone who signs up to go. You MUST CONTACT US FIRST to be allowed to attend. There is a limit of 14 people, due to Forest Service rules on group camps, leaving only 12 available slots since two members of the Adventure Books staff will be there. Just in case you do decide to go, we monitor CB channel 14 and give you our cell number to help keep you from getting lost, or to assist you in reaching the campsite. Cell service at this location has been tested extensively and there is good signal there. 

CampCloseUpActivities: We provide seven basic things for these campouts.

  1. A community shelter built from very large tarps to keep out the weather. This shelter also has rudimentary walls to help keep out the wind and cold at night.
  2. A smaller shelter with basic supplies and a portable, flushable toilet. There is also a table and a portable shower you can use, but you must heat your own water for it.
  3. A Weber propane BBQ that anyone can use.
  4. Entertainment in the form of a portable stereo that takes CD’s, memory cards, or USB flash drive.
  5. A 120-inch projector screen and an LED projector. This unit will accept USB flash, but does better with DVD’s or VCR’s. You can also hook up your video game system to it if you wish. Feel free to bring your own entertainment, or any movies/recorded TV shows you want to watch.
  6. We power our low-draw devices with deep cycle batteries and an inverter, and everything else with a small generator that is placed 150 feet (half the length of a football field) from the main campsite to keep out the noise. At that distance, you can’t even hear it running. There are also charging stations for your phone, laptop, or other devices.
  7. A professional First-Aid kit and some additional supplies, such as Tums, Zantac, bug repellent, and the like.
AB’s Robert Blevins at the July 2018 campout

What YOU Need to Bring:

All campers must bring their own shelter, bedding, food, any beverages they wish, (alcohol is allowed) and a CHAIR for everyone in their party. We do not provide chairs! Because alcohol is allowed, absolutely NO ONE under the age of 21 can attend these campouts. If we have any doubt about your age, we will ask for ID, and if you are not 21 you will be requested to leave.

A Typical Weekend on an AB Campout:

Camaraderie, BBQ, day hikes, wood gathering, video games, or just relaxing in the fresh air are usual daytime activities. At night, we show movies or TV series stuff on DVD, or whatever people vote to watch. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and mostly people just do what they wish. Internet access via cell signal is no problem. We always research sites first before choosing them for an AB campout, to make sure signal is strong where we go. Not only do some people want to phone home, but in case of emergencies we like being able to reach civilization with our smart phones.

Typical fireplace we set up for a campout

NEW for the January Campout:

  • Instead of the 32″ TV we used last time, we picked up an LED projector and a 120-inch outdoor screen. Bring your favorite DVD’s or TV shows on DVD.
  • Purchased for this trip: The complete Breaking Bad series, as well as Band of Brothers.
  • Exclusively for campers: We will show the two-minute promotional video on the first full-length feature film on the Cooper case. It is the promo for Into The Blast, the story of Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen. This short video has never been made public.
  • New movies:  The Pursuit of DB Cooper with Treat Williams and Robert Duvall, the Sean Connery cult sci-fi film, Zardoz, and many other new films. Which ones we show will be decided by our campers, not us. No worries, we bring a BIG selection.
Campers at the AB Eclipse Campout, Magone Lake, OR in August, 2017

And Finally….the Rules:

  • Alcohol consumption, or anything else that’s legal in Washington state is allowed, but if you get weird on AB staff or other campers you will be asked to leave.
  • No one under the age of 21 is allowed. No exceptions.
  • Motorhomes are NOT allowed. Truck campers or vans are no problem. At past campouts, most folks brought truck campers, a tent, or simply slept in their vehicles.
  • One free BBQ meal is provided by AB staff, either on Saturday or Sunday. Other than that, you are on your own for food.
  • Detailed maps and a recommended supply list are emailed in PDF format to anyone who has confirmed to our satisfaction they are DEFINITELY attending the campout. This PDF also contains our cell phone number on the rare chance you get lost.
  • The MAIN rule is to have fun, of course.

If any of this piques your interest, and you are considering trying to attend, contact Robert at adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com




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