Five Biggest Whoppers by Dave Brown, aka ‘Shutter,’ at The DB Cooper Forum.

liar2(EDIT – December 1, 2018:  Since this article was first published, both The DB Cooper Forum dot com, as well as Bruce Smith’s ‘Mountain News’ blog have toned down their anti-Blevins, anti-Adventure Books of Seattle rhetoric. Both sites were informed of this article after it was first published.)

Although this is not the most pleasant of subjects to cover in the D.B. Cooper case, this writer believes it is time to address the lies told by Dave Brown about yours truly and Adventure Books of Seattle. Brown, known as ‘Shutter’ or ‘Shutter45’ on the internet, is the founder and head honcho of The DB Cooper Forum dot com. The Cooper Forum touts itself as ‘the biggest site on the Cooper case,’ but in this writer’s opinion is sometimes less than honest.

  • “Mr. Blevins is not allowed to attend…” (The upcoming D.B Cooper conference in Portland, Oregon) SOURCE: His recent posting at Bruce Smith’s Mountain News blog.

Robert replies:  Brown knows perfectly well that I announced weeks ago I would be unable to attend the conference because I have a previous engagement. I have to be in San Diego, California the entire week. Even before Brown made that post, he already knew the true situation. He still sticks to that story, which is kind of brainless. 🙂 He forgets sometimes what he has previously posted to websites.

  • “I’ve never attempted to join or disrupt any of his websites/forums…” (Source: Same source as above, where he is a regular poster. Remainder of statements below come from the same source as well.)

Robert replies:  Outright LIE. In previous comments on the same thread, Brown admitted he made a complaint to Proboards in mid-2018, our host for the old Adventure Books of Seattle Discussion Forum. He managed to get the site shut down after we copy/pasted some of the lies both he and his members were telling about us, and then responding to them. (Even today, you can find my name at the Cooper Forum about every third post.) Obviously, Brown doesn’t like being called out for things like that. The fact is he tells so MANY lies, as well as supporting the ones by members of his website, you need a scorecard for a doubleheader baseball game just to keep track.

  • “Sheridan (Sheridan Peterson, author of The Idiot’s Frightful Laughter, his memoir of experiences in Vietnam.) stopped dealing with Blevins years back. That’s the part he forgets to include. sounds like he caught on a little quicker than Skipp.” (Skipp Porteous, my co-author on our Cooper book Into The Blast.)

Robert replies:  Another lie. Brown is fully aware that Adventure Books of Seattle has been negotiating just this year for the rights to publish Sheridan’s book in paperback, and for the Amazon Kindle. In fact, we are still continuing negotiations to the present day.

Brown also foolishly believes that Skipp Porteous wanted nothing to do with the book we wrote together, or yours truly, after it (Into The Blast) was published. However, Brown has been told multiple times that not only were Porteous and I friends until the day he  died, but that Porteous’ family and I are on very good terms today. (I told Brown he should find Porteous’ son Mark at Facebook and just ask him. Brown, of course, ignored that idea.)

Author Sheridan Peterson

On a side note, one of the current members of Brown’s Cooper website (‘Snowmman’) is actively engaged in printing unauthorized copies of Sheridan’s book and distributing them without permission from the author. That’s called ‘copyright infringement,’ ‘theft of intellectual property,’ or more simply….STEALING. (Source:  Recent discussions onsite at Brown’s forum.) You could say with some confidence that Brown’s website condones, hosts, and supports copyright infringement. (We are attempting to work with both Brown and certain people at his website on a possible solution that would serve their needs, as well as the rights of author Sheridan Peterson, who is 92 years old.)

  • “You don’t own Kenneth Christiansen…” (The rights to Kenny’s story.)

Robert replies:  Um, actually I do. Brown was informed about this on several occasions. The rights to Kenneth P. Christiansen’s story were signed over to Adventure Books of Seattle by his executor, his brother Lyle Christiansen. Other family members of Christiansen also came on board for this. Without those rights being assigned to us, we could not have signed the media option we did on the upcoming movie about Kenny’s life story. It was a requirement to proceed by the production company in Los Angeles.

  • “Actually, you have more evidence on Kenny (Christiansen) dealing with under age kids than you have as Cooper…he was “missing” the time of the hijacking…meanwhile, a whole town was talking about his actions with children…that’s a fact, not a myth…”

Robert replies:  This is what I call a ‘very weird double lie’. Hard to explain, but I will try. First, an ‘entire town was talking about his actions with children’ is a TOTAL lie. I spent eighteen months on the road interviewing Kenny’s neighbors, his family members, his friends. I even interviewed one of the boys who actually grew up living in Kenny’s house. (Kenneth MacWilliams, the guy also interviewed by author Geoff Gray for his book Skyjack.) Not a single one of those people ever said, hinted, alluded to, or testified that Kenny ever behaved inappropriately with young boys. NOT ONCE. Mostly they said he was a nice guy. MacWilliams, in fact, told Gray that Ken had normal relationships. With adults. And he should know, since he lived with Kenny for many years and was left an empty lot out back of Christiansen’s house when Kenny Christiansen passed away in 1994. In response to all that, Brown has said that if he could discover the name of the production company planning to do the upcoming film on Christiansen, he would make sure to let them know Kenny was a child rapist.

Brown’s statements, and supporting posts by his members on this subject caused the staff of Adventure Books to send a warning to the venue (The Portland Yacht Club) where the upcoming Cooper Conference was to be hosted. We told them we would not put up with unsupported allegations of child molestation against Kenny Christiansen as a topic of discussion, allegations being made without a shred of evidence. The Yacht Club immediately canceled the event. However, the hosts were able to secure another venue. We did not interfere. We figure they got the hint.

Then we did a cartoon about them, shown below:


If you are wondering why I don’t respond personally to these lies over at Bruce Smith’s Mountain News blog, or at The DB Cooper Forum itself…it’s because they banned me from both sites when I started firing back on their lies. (Especially at Mountain News) I decided being banned was okay with me. Association with those websites is rapidly becoming a negative. That’s why I don’t actually link to them. Maybe if some of their members showed up to one of our famous campouts, they might cease on the hatred and lies a bit and just relax. It’s doubtful, but you never know. 🙂

Submitted by Robert Blevins, Adventure Books of Seattle

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