D.B. Cooper – Sheridan Peterson Agrees to Consider Contract to Publish Vietnam War Memoir, The Idiot’s Frightful Laughter.

Author and (exonerated) D.B. Cooper suspect Sheridan Peterson

EDIT: (November 24, 2018) Due to a stolen version of Peterson’s book being published under a falsely-obtained ISBN number, Adventure Books of Seattle has reluctantly withdrawn from our publication offer. Details HERE.

Main Article:

After six months of negotiations and problems with theft of his book by outside sources – former D.B. Cooper suspect Sheridan Peterson has finally agreed to consider a contract to publish his book legitimately.

Not long ago, Peterson was close to a deal with Adventure Books of Seattle when someone dropped a monkey wrench into the whole works. At the infamous website The DB Cooper Forum dot com, a user named ‘Snowmman’ took it upon himself to re-edit a copy of Peterson’s book, upload it to Lulu.com, and offer it up to his friends at the forum. This was an action they supported, even though they knew it was theft of intellectual property.

Peterson, who was extremely angry, came to us for help. He did this mainly because we had been the ones working with him from about May 2018 onward. This writer approached several people at the DB Cooper Forum in an effort to come to an agreement for Sheridan that didn’t involve stealing his book for their own entertainment. When I visited the Cooper Forum website, I saw one arrogant post after another, some by the thief himself, bragging he could do what he wished and no DMCA takedown form was going to stop him. Really?

liar2Other posters stated they wanted copies of the stolen material. Still more called me a troublemaker who was only looking for money. In the end, I finally convinced Peterson (he’s 92 years old and still going strong) that AB of Seattle was not only the best venue for his book, but that if signed with us, we could stop the theft of his work dead in its tracks.

Today, Peterson said he wanted to see the contracts we were offering. They go into the mail tomorrow. 100% of royalties will go to him, and  Adventure Books has decided to carry all other costs, such as cover design, ISBN assignment, pro editing, upload fees to the usual databases, and the yearly fee to keep the book in Ingram’s worldwide print database. His book will be released at the wholesale trade rate. (Trade rate= 55% off the cover price.) He gets 100% of the royalties for life, to either himself or someone he designates, also for life, which will probably be a family member. No worries. We’ve done this before.  She was just as deserving.

The Idiot’s Frightful Laughter will be released in paperback, for the Amazon Kindle exclusively, and later…in a hardcover with dust jacket version. It is an uncompromising look at the deception, cruelty, and falsehoods involved in the Vietnam war. Those words could also describe ‘Snowmman’ and his thieving supporters at the DB Cooper Forum. In an unprecedented bit of gall, some forum members said they were looking forward to comparing notes on their illegally-obtained copies at an upcoming ‘Cooper-Con’ to be held in Portland, Oregon at the end of the month. ‘Con’ might be a good way to describe this event. The organizers of the event were banned from the first venue they selected, the Portland Yacht Club, after some of their forum members made unsupported allegations of child rape against D.B. Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen. This was done simply out of jealousy when they discovered AB of Seattle had signed an option for the upcoming feature film on Kenny’s life story – and the fact that producers plan to name Christiansen not as a ‘maybe,’ but as Cooper in historical record. The founder of the Cooper Forum, a guy named Dave Brown, (aka ‘Shutter’) even stated once that if he could discover the name of the production company, he would contact them with the phony allegation.

That wouldn’t have done any good, of course. The film producers are well aware of the activities of the Cooper Forum and their negative agenda.

Our general opinion of the ‘DB Cooper Forum’.

And to the people at the Cooper Forum who believe they can simply steal someone’s book for their own benefit, their own entertainment…we have a big surprise for you. The moment Peterson decides to sign with AB of Seattle, it will be the next moment when the account you created at Lulu.com by lying to them and saying you owned the content you uploaded for print will come to an end. A DCMA complaint will be filed to the Lulu website. Your account will be closed, and your stolen version of Peterson’s book removed.

This will be done by the REAL publishers of Peterson’s book.

The staff at Adventure Books stands up against infringement in all forms, but we get especially miffed when it is done to a senior who was unable to defend himself without a little help.

To read Sheridan Peterson’s amazing life story, click HERE.

To see our previous article on why Peterson wasn’t D.B. Cooper, (despite the same website who stole his book putting up threads that he WAS) click HERE.

*EDIT:  In a show of generosity on our part, we have offered the person who infringed Peterson’s book the following terms:  If they promise not to release their stolen version publicly, and only make it available privately through Lulu to a few select people, we will not file a DCMA complaint with Lulu.com to have both the account concerned, and the book itself, REMOVED. They were given three days to consider this offer after the date if and when Peterson signs our contract. If they fail to respond, we will assume they intend to proceed with infringement publicly, and we will take the appropriate steps. If they agree to this, everyone can live in peace and Sheridan Peterson’s book will get the distribution it deserves. Our view is that this arrangement is best for everybody, including Peterson.*

UPDATE: November 24, 2018:  Adventure Books of Seattle, in a probably futile effort to stand up for Sheridan Peterson, filed a negative review on the stolen version of Sheridan’s book at the Lulu.com website, and sent in a complaint in behalf of Peterson, providing his US Copyright Office registration information on the book. Although it probably won’t do any good, we thought it was the right thing to do. The only real accomplishment made by the people at The D.B. Cooper Forum regarding Sheridan Peterson’s book was to bury it permanently at vanity press Lulu dot com for twenty bucks a copy and no distribution. Nice going. 

Submitted by Robert Blevins, managing editor, Adventure Books of Seattle.
For questions on this article, contact adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com






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