DB Cooper – First Cooper Convention in Portland Gets What it Deserves

Eric Ulis from Scottsdale, Arizona was the sponsor for the first Cooper Convention in seven years, held on the anniversary of the hijacking at the Edgewater Country Club in Portland, Oregon. Ulis and other speakers planned to present their evidence on different suspects in the case, but in the only real-time media report on the meeting from Portland’s KGW news, it was new suspect Walter Reca who actually got all the attention and the one sound bite.

In this writer’s opinion, this was exactly what the event deserved. The convention was plagued by controversy from the start, and although it received some attention from local media, was attended by relatively few people other than different Cooper researchers. It seems most Cooper fans decided to go Black Friday weekend shopping instead, and didn’t miss much anyway. The show was stolen by the group supporting Walter Reca as the famous hijacker, even though that group foolishly claims that Reca landed near Cle Elum, WA – which would put the hijacked jet exactly 90 degrees due EAST from where Flight 305 was actually being tracked by radar in 1971. Flight 305, of course, was actually headed SOUTH toward Portland, not east toward Spokane, WA. The suspect that NO ONE in Cooperland actually believed was Cooper – got ALL the attention. That is poetic justice, in this writer’s opinion.

Controversy, hatred, and negativity cast a cloud over the whole event weeks before it ever happened:

Meyer Louie, a known fan and part-time investigator of the case from the Olympia, WA area refused to attend after slanderous postings regarding his Native American heritage started appearing on one DB Cooper site after another, including the one belonging to Bruce Smith of the Mountain News:

One of literally HUNDREDS of slanderous, or name-calling posts at Bruce Smith’s Mountain News, a WordPress blog that focuses much of its content on the Cooper hijacking. When Blevins and Meyer started fighting back against the posts, both were banned from the site and the posts continued. London-based documentary production company Minnow Films dropped Smith and his supporters from participation in the two-hour documentary they were filming on the Cooper hijacking as a result. Karga 7, a company in Los Angeles planning a four-hour TV special on the hijacking for Travel Channel, may follow their lead. Smith was a speaker at the convention.

In fact, in the weeks prior to the Cooper Convention, and one of the reasons it didn’t attract many attendees from the public, was because of the back and forth hatred going at the two main websites for Cooper…a situation that the media didn’t generally see, but many Cooper fans DID. If the media had known the truth, they probably would have ignored the event completely. In fact, some media were very hip to the negativity going on prior to the convention, such as Minnow Films from London, who were shooting a two-hour documentary on the Cooper case just prior to the convention, and refused to interview anyone for the movie that was involved in either the nasty posts at Mountain News, or The DB Cooper Forum. Bruce Smith of Mountain News was on that list, and for good reason:


If all this discord wasn’t enough to make many people decide to skip Cooper Con in favor of Black Friday shopping instead – it got worse when a member of The DB Cooper Forum named ‘Snowmman’ did copyright infringement on a book written by the very suspect (Sheridan Peterson) that organizer Eric Ulis was promoting as Cooper at the convention. The sad story about all that is HERE.

Adventure Books offered Peterson a legitimate contract to publish his book, but when ‘Snowmman,’ (real name withheld) actually assigned an ISBN number to his filched version of Mr Peterson’s book, Adventure Books of Seattle had to withdraw their offer of publication. Now the book is stuck at Lulu.com for a whopping twenty dollars a copy in paperback, plus shipping, and will never reach mainstream distribution. Unbelievably, copies of Peterson’s stolen book were actually PRESENTED at the convention for bragging rights. From a post about the whole situation at The DB Cooper Forum, one of many similar:


An Exercise in Dumb:  Instead of lying about owning the rights to Sheridan’s book and going the Lulu.com route as this ‘Snow’ did for twenty dollars a copy, Adventure Books of Seattle proposed a compromise. Sheridan’s book, ‘The Idiot’s Frightful Laughter,’ would be published with traditional distribution, with AB of Seattle covering all expenses. Snow’s stolen version would be allowed to stand as a SECOND option. When Snow foolishly assigned an ISBN number to his version, and somehow convinced 92-year-old Sheridan Peterson that everything was just fine and sent him a copy of the Lulu book, all he really did was screw the elderly author out of a chance for worldwide distribution, in favor of an overpriced version that would never sell. (Twenty bucks a pop plus shipping) Snow ignored several messages that reached him asking him NOT to do this, which he ignored, and then bragged about his dishonest actions later at The DB Cooper Forum. Members of the forum fully supported his efforts. It was a tragedy for author Peterson, who told Adventure Books on November 24, 2018:  “Well, maybe I will ask him to do a second edition anyway. The book is incomplete.” This was after we gave the bad news to Sheridan that we finally had to withdraw our offer to publish, since an ISBN number (a public record worldwide) had already been assigned to the book under false pretenses. Unbelievably, some copies of the stolen version were actually PRESENTED at the convention.


All in all, this entire scenario proves two things. First, that major media and many public fans of the Cooper case would be right in ignoring The DB Cooper Forum and Mountain News.

Second, if readers want the straight truth about the Cooper case, they need not look any further than this column. The shortcut to your desktop is here: https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/

Submitted by Robert Blevins, Adventure Books of Seattle
Questions regarding this article may be sent to adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com

All screenshots taken and used under Fair Use rules to refute a point, for research purposes…or frankly…to just cut through the baloney often associated with the Cooper case. 🙂

Such as the posts below that appeared at Bruce Smith’s Mountain News blog just today about Gayla Prociv, CEO of Adventure Books. When his members got tired of coming after this writer, they went after the wife instead. ‘Shutter 45’ is the founder of The DB Cooper Forum. Bruce Smith, who allowed these posts to stand on his website, was a speaker at the 2018 convention. Enough said.



*More ugly comments followed the ones shown above. Here at Adventure Books, we believe they confirm what this article has said about these folks all along. They think they can attack who they wish, say and post whatever ridiculous stuff they wish, and there will be no consequences. Or if not consequences, at least bringing their behavior to the attention of the public and the media, who until recently they have managed to fool.
No more. This particular article has now officially broken the record for initial views to any previous article posted to this WordPress site.*



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