Update on Our New ‘Everything D.B. Cooper’ Site at Quora.Com

Questions, comments, and opinions are encouraged from our followers.

Six days after opening our new ‘Spaces’ page at Quora, the Q and A website, we’ve decided to move most of our activities in the DB Cooper case over to there, and scale back entries to this WordPress site.

In other words, Everything D.B. Cooper now becomes our main internet discussion site on the Cooper case. 

It was an easy decision. Six days after we first opened the page (after an invitation from Quora staff to establish one) we picked up over 150 followers, (now 300 as of December 8th) with more coming on board daily. We don’t know who thought up the ‘Spaces’ program at Quora, but in our opinion they should get an internet award. New followers, all members of Quora, can also invite THEIR personal followers at the Quora site to come on board Everything D.B. Cooper, and our information says many of them are doing just that. Anyone following our Space automatically receives a notification on any new content posted to the Space in their feed. How this system works was covered in this writer’s previous article.

Rob Bertrand and Darren Schaefer have come on board as invited contributors, which is a real plus. Bertrand is the owner of Northwest Escape Experience, a popular entertainment venue in Vancouver, WA. Schaefer is the creator and host of the DB Cooper Vortex, an ongoing series of podcasts about the Cooper case. More contributors will be added as the page expands viewership. (All contributors are added on an invitation-only basis from the followers list.)

It hasn’t been all happy-happy roses, however. One thing we established at the start was to say no to online attacks on other users, or allow anyone to contribute or comment who refuses to establish a solid identity with Quora. For example, two people joined Quora today under the username ‘Quora User’ and didn’t fill out a profile, and neither had answered a single question at Quora. Then they ‘followed’ the site.

Both were blocked immediately. Our new Everything DB Cooper page at Quora is NOT the Mountain News, nor is it The D.B. Cooper Forum, two places where people hiding behind usernames and/or false identities have a history of attacking others involved in the Cooper case. We decided early-on not to allow that. Out of 300 million users at Quora, suddenly two people establish anonymous accounts and want to follow us? Not a chance. If you are a poster, user, or fan of those websites I mentioned, either get with the program or find your Cooper input/output elsewhere. The message is simple:

We don’t need you. We don’t WANT you. Not unless you are willing to come out from behind that rock and tell us who you are, or have a profile at Quora that actually makes sense.  This notice is directed at people like Bruce Smith of the Mountain News, Dave Brown of the Cooper Forum, and their members, who have posted hundreds of nasty comments about yours truly and others at both websites. You can view the Quora page, but if want to comment or add your own material, then you have to be honest.

Otherwise, you can watch from the sidelines, without being able to comment or post.  As far as active followers,  we get immediately suspicious of anyone who joins Quora, doesn’t participate at the site, and then the first thing they do is follow us. It becomes obvious you’re just one of the negative folks, since the positive ones have nothing to hide. Blocking a user doesn’t mean they can’t read the site. They can. However, if we block you that action is permanent and you will never be allowed to comment or contribute to the page.

Consider that when signing up at Quora. 

This policy is what makes us different from every other site on D.B. Cooper. And we plan to keep it that way. Right now, things are going better than we expected and we fully believe we will pick up thousands of followers by spring…with every one of them either a contributor, or receiving notifications on new content. And when contributions are backed up by an actual identity, then the legitimacy of those contributions can be established with confidence. This leads the public to trust you, as well as your site.

Questions about this article, or questions on how you can contribute to our Space on Quora may be sent to adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com



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