D.B. Cooper: Christmas Break 2018

EDIT Jan 21, 2019 – Thank you for the emails about Coco’s picture. The ‘thing’ on her neck behind her head is a mouse toy I laid on her for the picture. You can see the tail near her right shoulder as well.) 🙂

This writer wants to wish all of you the happiest of Christmases and an even greater New Year. I thought I would take a break from posting about The Hijacker Who Got Away With It, and tell you my typical Christmas.

No worries. It isn’t bad or depressing, and has nothing to do with an unsolved hijacking.

I am much more into giving than receiving. I already have more than I could possibly want, except maybe a retirement home in Arizona, and I’m working on that. Yes, this will probably be my last Christmas in the Evergreen state, although I’m willing to do just one more if I must. But this is definitely IT.

Gayla and I came up with the idea of Adventure Books of Seattle not long before Christmas some years ago, and nothing has been the same since. (Picture below shows the actual day we did. Yes, I staged it way back when, as a sort of record.) Our tradition is that no matter what, we spend Christmas Day together. That means family or friend visits are either before or after Christmas Day.

Posed picture on the day we formed AB of Seattle

Yes, December 25th is reserved for us alone. 

I make sure Gayla gets more presents than I do, which is easy because I’m always way ahead of her on what she’s buying. It’s competition, but since she deserves to win I always make sure she DOES. And even if I didn’t do it, her many customers and friends would. She bakes for at least fifteen families every Christmas, starting just after Thanksgiving, and we deliver the goods personally.

I don’t know how she does it. I’m just the driver, the mule. I make jokes about it.

“I don’t mind being the mule…but the mule must be fed.”

We have Christmas traditions like anyone else. We place the ornaments we got from Zuzu on the tree. The cat gets a stocking full of gifts. We do a meat, cheese, and veggie dip tray, and then each of us cooks our favorite meal. Both of us believe we are the better cook, so we decided long ago that Christmas dinner would be self-service and self-shopped. Gayla, bless her heart, always lets me cook mine first because she takes longer to prepare her food. (The cat gets a special meal to go along with her stocking.)

‘CoCo’ the Office Cat with her favorite toy around her neck.

This year I picked surf and turf for myself. Steak and scallops wrapped in bacon.
SHE picked something else, which is still a mystery.

We wish you the best Christmas ever!


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