New Discussion Forum Opens on Cooper Case

Looking down the road regarding contact with the media, the public, and other folks concerning the D.B. Cooper case, we opened another venue.

In any case, our new forum is open for business.

We don’t expect much traffic initially, although later that could change. For the moment, registration is open and unrestricted, although we may check to see if the email you used to register is a phony. If so…you will be banned permanently. So please don’t do that.

There is one ‘special rule’ for anyone who is known to us in the Cooper case. You must register under the same username that you currently use at OTHER Cooper sites. If we suspect you are trying to impersonate known investigators or fans of Cooper on OUR site, we will ban your account…well, like yesterday. These people know who they are (and so do WE) so there’s no sense harping on about that too much. One reason we do this is to prevent people from impersonating known investigators in the case, which is a relatively small internet community anyway.

The new forum, titled Everything D.B. Cooper (like the Quora Space) is HERE.





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