Major ‘D.B. Cooper’ Event Coming to Portland, Oregon in November 2019.

Jim Brunberg, owner of Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon – and Bryan Ward, owner of the famous ‘Victor 23’ Brewery, are planning the largest-ever D.B. Cooper event ever done. Mississippi Studios is a combination music venue, recording studio, and tavern run by Brunberg. Victor-23 is the brewery that names all their beers after situations and people relating to the D.B. Cooper hijacking. Adventure Books of Seattle will assist in scheduling some speakers, printing programs, attracting media coverage, and hosting a Cooper Lookalike contest. This is a ticketed event.


The event will be held (most likely, updates coming) at Revolution Hall in Portland.
Exact date and time to be set soon, but probably on a Saturday, and November 30th is favored, since it coincides closely with the anniversary of the Cooper hijacking.

The tentative plan for this event is as follows:

  • It will begin with short film presentations, speakers, and a round table discussion onstage with the participants taking questions from the audience.
  • A D.B. Cooper Lookalike contest for prizes. Audience members are invited to come to the event dressed like the hijacker, one of the flight crew, or one of the stewardesses. Prizes will be in the form of Amazon gift cards, with three categories of awards:  Best Cooper, Best Male Flight Crew Member, and Best Stewardess.
  • At the proper time, we will make a printable PDF available for download with the official program. Programs will also be available at the door.
  • I have withdrawn from personally selecting any further speakers, (reached my allowed limit on that) but I will recommend you to Jim Brunberg if you wish. Brunberg will also be reaching out to some people on his own, including the former cast of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, the History Channel TV show that did a famous episode on D.B. Cooper. One of the cast members, Christine McKinley, lives in the Portland area. We are also contacting former cast members Buddy Levy and Scott Rolle to see if they would like to make an appearance.

The article above is a general notice on the event only, and some information is subject to change.

Questions or media inquiries? Contact Robert Blevins at

For the current updates, drop by THIS THREAD at our discussion forum.


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