Who Was D.B. Cooper? So Simple Even a Couple of Kids Figured It Out.

Received this message at my main email, adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com:

Mr Blevins,

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your work on the D B Cooper case. I have seen the information on your website and most of your YouTube videos and it is all very interesting.
I am originally from England and first heard about the case in the late 1980’s when it was shown on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. I found it fascinating but at the time there was no internet and no real way to look into it further.
I moved to the US in 2004, got married and had 2 boys. Over the last few years my interest in the case was reignited by many TV shows and YouTube videos. I’m not a hardcore follower of the case by any means, but of all the theories and ideas I have seen – yours is by far the most compelling.
I thought you might find this interesting – My boys (13 and 10) are home-schooled and a few weeks ago I gave them a project to do. Prior to this they had no knowledge of the Cooper case at all. I told them about the case and told them I wanted them to investigate it. They had to spend 1-2 hours a day investigating the case, by finding out information online and watching YouTube videos about the case. At the end they were to submit a final paper (they both chose to do it with PowerPoint) with their findings. I told them to pick 5 or 6 of the suspects from the main Wikipedia page to investigate and that they could not talk to each other about their investigations. Also I did not instruct them or coach them in any way toward any suspect.
I received the final PowerPoint presentations yesterday. I understand that you are busy but if you’d be interested in seeing their presentations then I’d be happy to send them to you.
Thanks again for everything you’ve done in providing information about this case and I look forward to seeing the movie when it’s released.
Nick F. (last name withheld by request for this article)

I told Nick to go ahead and send the two brothers’ PowerPoint presentations along. I also asked if I could post them in an article at WordPress. The father agreed, only asking I abbreviate all last names to a single letter. Both presentations are shown below, converted to PDF documents for easier access. I told Nick that he had smart boys for sure.

Clay’s investigation into the Cooper case is HERE.

His younger brother Ethan’s is HERE.

(Article image:  A picture of the money discovered behind Kenny Christiansen’s Bonney Lake (Washington state) house by Kyle DeDominces and his friends in 1995. It is NOT ransom money from the hijacking, but was buried using thin pieces of wood as a sort of cover box, and the bills were wrapped in heavy plastic. The using of the wood was similar to what Kenny did when he built ANOTHER hiding spot in the attic of his house.)


  1. Hi, Mr. Blevins..
    I ordered your book-Into the Blast..
    i’ve gone the rounds of all major suspects-, i agree that Mr Ken Christiansen is atop suspect-one in my list-he ranks top. Though, there are some issues that bother me in witness descriptions that don’t fit Christiansen-a darker skin, more hair, taller, heavier, hair on his top head.., but-i also am aware 5 people can see a suspect close and come away with different descriptions!
    What wasn’t noted that The stewardess who had the most time with DB Cooper-sat with him and heard his voice-said, Christiansen fit the best of the man she remembered of all suspects she’s looked at.!
    but i noticed in this forum, and FBI agents seem determined to put down and find holes in all you’ve investigated and brought forth..it almost seems FBI-works TOO hard-at doing so-putting down and refuting what you claim.
    Have you see this article in forum ,and what is said? What say you in response?


    1. I approved your comment but I deleted your link to the DB Cooper Forum. I couldn’t look at it anyway. They banned me from the place years ago. Yes, I have seen that entry at their website. It was done by Dave Brown, aka ‘Shutter’ the admin of the website. He does not like me on a personal level and has never supported anything we’ve tried to do in the case, whether it be investigation, or a fun public event. He is definitely ‘prejudiced’ as they say, but not in a racial way. Frankly, he just hates us. (*smiles*) I’m used to it.

      I don’t worry about what Dave Brown says one way or another, to be frank about it. He’s not an outright liar, but he does twist the truth around a bit about Kenny, and sometimes myself personally. Not a big deal. This happens in Cooperland.

      As far as the Seattle FBI goes regarding Christiansen, this is what I know:

      1) Back in 2008, based on the article from author Geoff Gray on Christiansen, FBI agent Larry Carr dismissed Christiansen as a suspect. We hadn’t even begun investigating him yet.

      2) But in 2013, after a lot more came out publicly on Christiansen…the articles, the book, the two TV shows, etc. FBI agent Fred Gutt told us this by phone and email: “Some in this office believe he’s (KC) a good suspect. Others believe there are better suspects.” In a second message he said that NO, Christiansen had NOT been dismissed as a suspect in the case. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Who knows?


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