Finally! Spring Breaks Out for Cooper Campout.

Robert Blevins setting up for the July 2018 campout.

As George Harrison once said, “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.” Here at Adventure Books of Seattle, we’ve had to reschedule our Cooper Campout not once, but TWICE, due to the excessive cold this year.

Looks like that is finally coming to an end. According to NOAA and Weather Underground, temperatures are going to warm up dramatically between March 15-18 in the Hoodsport, WA area (nearest weather station to camp location). By Monday the 18th, temperatures are expected to hit the mid-60s. It’s about damn time.

Everyone involved in this event is very happy about this. Seemed like spring would never arrive, but it looks like it will…just in time for the campout.

Compared to what has been going on with the weather in the Seattle area this winter, mid-60s sounds like a heat wave. As you read this, we’re already checking gear and supplies and starting to pack. My thanks to everyone who hung in there, even when we had to reschedule this one a couple of times. A good time is guaranteed for all. Too bad we didn’t fill out the camping slots to the full dozen we had available, but the six of you who persisted – and insisted on going – will not be sorry you did. (We lost a few applicants when we had to keep moving up the date.) No worries. We will email you later with information on the two additional campouts we have planned for this summer, one (again) in the Olympics, the other in Oregon. For the Oregon trip, you will see a few Nissan trucks at the campout. Some of the folks coming to that one are members of Infamous Nissan, the online support forum for Nissan/Datsun owners.




  1. Dear Mr. Blevins,

    Just found your email and related story about the closing of the Aerial, WA. store and the related D.B. Cooper Days. I offer the following for a potential revival of interest and continuance.

    With the recent opening of the Kalama, WA. Mcmenamins location why not work with them to promote / develop a day, week, etc. at their location?
    Maybe simply starting with a limited run of “D.B. Cooper Ale” could get the ball rolling?
    They have developed many festivals and related events such as UFO days at their McMinville, OR and other locations.

    Might be worth a try, as they seem to have an event almost weekly celebrating something of significant interest locally.


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