D.B. Cooper – Our Office Cat ‘Coco’ and Why You Should Like Her

Most articles you see on the Cooper case are really serious. This suspect was Cooper, or that one. Over here at Adventure Books, we think Kenny Christiansen was the guilty guy. Doesn’t mean we’re necessarily right, but we believe it. AB is just a part-time gig anyway, as anyone who has visited our main website knows. It’s been said we scrub toilets for a living. That’s a stretch, but there is some accuracy on that point. Do we mind? Not really.

Overseeing everything around here is our latest Office Cat, ‘Coco,’ a rescue feline who was abandoned by one of our neighbors when they moved. Amazingly, this is the same way that our former Office Cat ‘Hobo’ ended up living with us for nine years before he passed away from feline cardiomyopathy. He was already a few years along when he met us, and lived longer than most cats with this condition. He was a tough guy, you can bet on that.

Hobo1He was the first MALE cat to serve in this role at Adventure Books, and was preceded by Katie and Ginger, both domestic short hair rescue cats. We always gave Katie and Ginger the best of care, but then the 2008 Menu Pet Foods poisoning scandal came along, and both of them died as a result. Dr Diane Driscoll at the Twin Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Federal Way, Washington was our best friend at the time, but until the news broke in the press, no one could figure out why so many cats and dogs were suddenly succumbing to renal failure. Katie and Ginger were early victims. It was a hard time for everyone at AB, and difficult for us to discuss even today.

Katie, one of AB’s original Office Cats. We joined the class action lawsuit and Menu Foods ended up paying us a paltry $180 settlement for her death. We tore up the check. Ginger died for the same reason shortly afterward. The check for her went to the same place. It wasn’t about the money, but making a statement against stupidity by pet food providers.

After Katie and Ginger fell victim to the stupidity at Menu Foods, we took in Sophie, who loved staring at computer monitors. So I sometimes clicked on cat videos at YouTube for her.  She was the last of the original female Office Cats and we actually created a contact link and an email address for her at the Adventure Books website. The funny thing was that people sometimes sent her mail, and then it became my job to reply to these emails…and try to sound like a cat was writing it. You would be surprised how people would just accept the idea that Sophie was answering their messages. It was cute, I have to admit.


After Sophie passed away at age 12, (she was already up in years when we rescued her) we didn’t try for another cat for a while. But then Hobo came along and he was with us for nine wonderful years. A smarter, more polite, or more faithful cat you never met. When we came home each day, he was always sitting at the door. In July 2018, he finally died from a congenital heart problem he had since birth. He went from good to worse in a single day. The vet said he wasn’t suffering and perhaps it was better he died at home.


And that is exactly what happened. After he died, the AB staff who actually live in the Seattle area traveled to a remote spot in the Olympic Mountains and put him to rest. He was buried with his favorite toys on a rim overlooking the Skokomish River valley. We still visit there occasionally.

We went into serious mourning. Any thought of immediate replacement (as if you could ‘replace’ a pet anyway) was forgotten. But it was only a few months later when ANOTHER rescue cat showed up at our door. This time was different, though.

This cat was not like any of the others we had taken in to this point. We named her ‘Coco’ and she was a handful from the start. An abandoned female tortoise, she came to the door half-starved and with what people call ‘tortitude’. She was demanding, and meowed all the time to make sure you understood what she wanted, whether it was a snack, attention to her food and water bowls, or always wanting to inspect the garage. (She STILL insists on inspecting the garage at least twice a day.)


To understand us at AB, you have to understand our relationship to the feline species as well. Turns out that Coco is the youngest cat we’ve ever rescued, (she’s two the vet says) as well as the most active. She joins the long list of Office Cats for Adventure Books, and we think she will be the one who keeps that job for a great number of years. Ask her, and she will tell you that herself.


Submitted by Robert Blevins, Adventure Books of Seattle



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