Famous ‘D.B. Cooper’ Thread at Skydiving Website Dropzone Reopens After Four Year Hiatus

Well, I guess you could call it a ‘hiatus,’ I suppose. It was more like four years in the slammer. The infamous D.B. Cooper discussion thread at Dropzone, which contains thousands of posts and has had over a million views, has been unlocked and new postings on the case are now allowed again. Dropzone is the world’s most active internet forum for skydivers. All the original posts are still there, many of them made famous because they were posted by an FBI agent named Larry Carr, aka ‘Ckret’.

Back in 2015, an admin at Dropzone named ‘Sangiro,’ decided to lock the most popular thread in the history of the website after he received scores of complaints via private messaging. (The messages mostly consisted of tattletale whining complaints about other users) Sangiro finally got tired of it. After the thread was locked, one of its active users (aka ‘Shutter’) established a new discussion site on Cooper titled The D.B. Cooper Forum.

Over the next few years, Shutter’s forum became the major Cooper site, although our Quora Space on Cooper finally started reaching the greatest number of people for single posts, since more than 700 people are signed to get the feed via email. And we made some inroads on his traffic with the column you are reading now, which receives a modest 3,000 or so unique visitors a month.

But now the Big Boy of Cooper discussions has returned, and already people are posting to the re-opened thread at Dropzone, although a bit tentatively for the moment. During the four years it was closed, this writer was accused of being responsible for the original closure, and I read that falsehood time and again. The truth was much simpler.


According to a senior member at Dropzone, the REAL reason it was closed was mostly due to a former poster at the Cooper thread I won’t name. He’s a retired educator and well-known grouch. This person, along with a couple of others, was sending out so many private messages to the admin back in 2015 with complaints, that the admin said ‘enough’ and just locked the whole thread. The truth was given to me by an almost-historical figure at Dropzone I call ‘Jeannie’. She told me this while I was up in Monroe, WA fixing her front porch, not long after Dropzone closed the thread.

However, I don’t think additional finger-pointing will do any good. I just wanted people to know the truth on that subject. I don’t mind taking my lumps, but only when I deserve them. And in this case, I didn’t. But that’s water under the bridge now.

Now that the somewhat restrictive ‘D.B. Cooper Forum’ run by Shutter is no longer the only game in town, it is only a matter of time before Cooper fans start gravitating back to Dropzone. The one big difference (besides the heavy traffic) between Dropzone and Shutter’s Place is that at Shutter’s Place you have to register in order to see any links or pictures that are posted to the site. This policy has a habit of boring your guests to death, since when the public sees something like THIS:

‘Check out my new evidence on the case. Pictures and links below!’

THIS is what the public ACTUALLY sees:

‘Guests are not allowed to view pictures or links’. 

Which makes it a pretty useless place for researchers, or if you are trying to reach the public. You post stuff. The public can’t see it anyway. Dropzone does not do that. The only restriction is that you can’t make posts unless you register first, which is normal. But unlike Shutter’s Corner on Cooper, they don’t put blinders on the public views. Maybe that’s why Dropzone got more than a million views to that one thread alone.

The Big Boy of Cooper Discussions is Back in Town. Four years in the slammer is a long time. Early release for good behavior? In any case, it’s a good thing for D.B. Cooper fans.




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