Another ‘Cooper Campout’ Scheduled for June 21-24, 2019 – This Time in Oregon

Adventure Books of Seattle is organizing another ‘DB Cooper Campout,’ and this time it is being held in the Mount Hood National Forest, not too many miles southeast of Estacada, Oregon, which is outside Portland.

Rather than going into major explanations about it, you can view the discussion thread on it at the support website for Nissan owners, Infamous Nissan. The first post in the thread gives relevant information, full details, and how YOU can come along. (No, you don’t have to own a Nissan to attend.)

You can find that first posting HERE.

These campouts are a lot of fun, and we don’t exactly ask people to ‘rough it’. Day shelter is provided, as well as a ten-foot portable screen with a media projector, private shower tent with portable flush toilet, and a ton of other gear to make life in the woods easier and much more comfortable. Attendance is FREE. You simply contact us first and we provide you the information on time, meetup location, other details so you don’t get lost. We also make suggestions on what you might want to bring with you.

A good time is guaranteed for all.

Contact Robert Blevins at if interested. We all meet up at a prearranged location in Estacada, and then caravan to the campsite. Runs from Friday morning, June 21 until Monday morning, June 24, although some people might head home on Sunday.

Cutoff date to join is Sunday midnight, June 16, 2019. Don’t wait until the last minute. Our maximum allowed campers are 14, according to US Forest Service rules, although we sometimes squeeze in a few more. No one under 21 is allowed.

If you haven’t been on one of the AB campouts before, they go like THIS.


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