Adventure Books of Seattle Schedules Another ‘D.B. Cooper Campout’ for April 3-6, 2020 Near Shelton, WA

Hardcore fans of the famous ‘D.B. Cooper’ case have gathered three previous times, twice in Washington state, and once near Mount Hood in Oregon for AB of Seattle’s famous ‘D.B. Cooper’ Campouts. The latest one is FREE (as usual) and scheduled for Friday, April 3, until Monday morning April 6, 2020.

From its modest beginnings using minimal gear, the event has expanded over the last two years into a popular party that now provides not only the famous ‘Free Saturday BBQ,’ but movies and media galore. People who sign up to go are provided maps, contact information, directions, and dates of the campout. They only have to find their way to the campsite, which is generally a large open area deep in the Olympic National Forest. Living in western Washington is a plus, although attendees have occasionally traveled from as far as San Jose, California. The site selected for the Spring 2020 campout is about twenty miles off Highway 101 near Shelton, Washington, but you reach it easily in any car or truck.

The staff of AB provides the basic stuff, and on everything else you are on your own. They travel to the campsite the day prior to the event and set up the gear for the following day. This gear includes:

  • A large public shelter for community use, day or night.
  • A ten-foot wide screen, and a media projector that accepts virtually anything input to it, including video game systems. There is also a 32″ Samsung Smart TV as a backup.
  • A community ‘power center’ where people can charge up their laptops, phones, and the like.
  • A bathhouse tent with flush toilet and shower.
  • Sites selected are checked to ensure they have cell signal capability, so attendees can use the internet or make calls.
  • A propane BBQ free to anyone who wants to use it.
  • A Saturday BBQ meal provided by the sponsors.
  • US Forest Service rules limit group camps to no more than 75 persons in a single spot. Only the first 25 people who sign up to attend will get free BBQ, however anyone else, or drop-ins, are free to cook their own food on the public BBQ.
  • One of the most popular activities is the campfire gathering after dark, where people sit around and discuss the Cooper case.
  • During the day, music is available through the portable stereo.
  • Absolutely NO ONE under the age of 21 is allowed to attend, because alcohol is often present during these campouts, especially at night.
  • Occasionally, some attendees ‘tether’ their smartphones to their laptops and do reports and video LIVE from the campsite. (You should have a generous data plan if you do that.)
  • There is usually a selection of around 100 different DVD movies, TV shows, or other media for anytime use on the big screen. Often, people bring their favorite films and shows. Many are Cooper-related, including the many documentaries done for television about the case. One is a two-minute trailer on the upcoming feature film on the Cooper case, due for release in late 2020, and based on the book by Robert Blevins and the late Skipp Porteous of Sherlock Investigations, titled Into The Blast.
  • Full outdoor lighting is provided at night. For general power, there is a generator set out more than 200 feet from the main camp area, to keep out the noise. Power from the generator is run into a 750 watt inverter with multiple power strip outlets. There is also a deep cycle battery system for a backup source.
  • An extensive medical kit is provided in case of emergency, and someone with Advanced First Aid training is always around.
  • Motor homes and travel trailers are NOT allowed. Camper vans, or trucks with campers are allowed. Most people use those, or sleep in tents. Sometimes people even sleep in their vehicles.
  • Anyone going crazy on people will be asked to leave. The good news is that after three previous campouts, we have never had to ask anyone to leave. EVER. Generally speaking, it’s a fairly laid-back event and people do what they like. Some go on day hikes, some take pictures, socialize, or go on the internet or play video games on the big screen. The most popular activity, frankly speaking, is having fun.

What are these campouts really like? See the article at WordPress about the 2019 Spring Campout for more details.

To obtain your maps, a PDF document with contact information, directions, and sensible advice on what to bring (like a CHAIR for yourself, since we do NOT provide chairs), check This Page at Adventure Books of Seattle. You can also contact AB’s Robert Blevins directly at (Below: Robert preparing for the July 2019 campout)

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