Final ‘D.B. Cooper Campout’ Tentatively Scheduled for August 2020.

It’s the Last Dance, the Final Frontier, the End of an Era, whatever you choose to call it. Adventure Books of Seattle staff have tentatively scheduled a seventh and final ‘Cooper Campout’ in the Olympic National Forest, Washington State. The reason we say ‘tentative’ is because we must wait to see if the threat from Covid-19 has subsided, and all restrictions on public gatherings have been dropped. Right now, we’re looking at the second weekend of August, 2020, but if we determine it is still not safe to sponsor the campout, it could be rescheduled into September, or possibly even October. If it isn’t safe by mid-October, we will probably scrub the idea (due to weather considerations) until spring of 2021. (If any of this piques your interest, you should create a shortcut on your desktop or phone and check back occasionally. If dates or details change, the only place you will find those changes is HERE.)

However, at this time the goal is to hold the event from Friday, August 7th until Monday morning, August 10th, 2020. And we are making every reasonable effort to stick to that date.


If you’re wondering why this is the last Cooper Campout, it’s because Robert Blevins and Gayla Prociv, the founders of Adventure Books of Seattle, are moving from Washington state no later than June 2021 to either southern California, or to Arizona, and retiring from personal involvement in the D.B. Cooper case. We’ve done a book, a popular site at Quora dot com on the case, participated heavily in the famous Dropzone dot com thread on Cooper, and are involved in the creation of the first dramatic feature film ever done on the famous hijacking.

After ten years in Cooperland, we’re hanging up the spurs, as the saying goes, and moving on to other things.

However, we also want to sponsor one final party for Cooper fans before we go, and this time we’re pulling out ALL the stops. 

First, to get a general idea on what happens at these campouts, you should see THIS ARTICLE first. It’s easier than trying to explain everything again for this event. It gives a general background on what to expect. Generally speaking, it’s a meeting of Cooper fans and meant to be a fun weekend for everyone. We provide many amenities for these campouts, including power, availability of internet access, movies and media on big screen and small screen, public day shelter, and many other things. Attendees usually show up anytime they wish and find a spot for themselves. The only real restriction is no motorhomes or travel trailers are allowed due to space considerations, although if you wish to park away from the main campsite and just walk in, that is okay. Camper vans, tents, cars, or trucks with mounted campers on the back are perfectly okay.

Unlike the other campouts we’ve done where we posted up the location, maps, and all details at WordPress or other online sites, this time we’re doing it a bit differently. THIS time the only notice will be a public notice done on Craigslist under their Events category. And we’re not giving out any other information publicly. This campout is aimed more at the public than at DB Cooper investigators, or the more hard-core fans of the case, as previous campouts have done. We have no objections to known investigators, or the people who participate heavily in Cooper discussions coming along, but the campout is not aimed at those people.

shower tent

The first way to secure your spot is if you happen to see our Event Notice on Craigslist. The public will find it, we have no doubt. Craigslist rules say we cannot restrict attendance or make ‘special rules’ that prevent anyone from showing up. And we will not do that. However, which Craigslist site and what date that notice will be posted will not be revealed in advance, and will not be posted elsewhere on the internet. This way, only people who happen to find it on Craigslist will know where to go and all other details. Those people will mostly be locals, and come from the general public.

For anyone in the KNOWN Cooperland community (this includes investigators, the media, and people we know in Cooperland), you will have to contact Adventure Books of Seattle by email PRIVATELY. And if we don’t know you personally, or you try to give us a phony identity simply to find out the details, we will not respond to you. Media inquiries will be taken on a case-by-case basis, and we will respond to them.


To put it more simply, this campout is an invitation to the general public via Craigslist. Known folks in the Cooperland community will have to contact us at if they want advance approval, or more information prior to the posting of the Craigslist Event ad.

Robert Blevins – Managing Editor/Co-Founder at Adventure Books of Seattle

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