New Discussion Forum Opens on the D.B. Cooper Case

Since 2008, the main public discussion website on the famous D.B. Cooper hijacking case was located at Dropzone dot com, the worldwide forum for skydivers. With over 60,000 postings to their famous D.B. Cooper thread at Skydiving History and Trivia, it was Numero Uno in the Cooper biz. Unfortunately, that came to an end when a spammer began making twenty or thirty duplicate posts at a time, every time someone else posted. The administrators at Dropzone kept deleting the spammer, but he would return under a different identity. Most of the posts came from one person, Derek Godsey, a guy from Alabama who doesn’t have both oars in the water. He became furious when other Cooper investigators questioned his thin-as-plastic-wrap evidence on a suspect in the Cooper case, and began his attacks on Dropzone. Soon afterward, most of the regular users abandoned the thread for better pastures…or as it happens…more CONTROLLED pastures where idiots like Godsey are not allowed.

BELOW: Some of the identities used by Godsey for his ongoing spam attacks to Dropzone.

Robert Blevins, another investigator in the Cooper case, and the author of a book that is the basis for an upcoming movie on Cooper, also manages Adventure Books of Seattle. Blevins was also a heavy contributor to the Dropzone discussions, and decided enough was enough. He created a new discussion forum on Cooper, but made it tough to join. (Link to the new forum is at the end of this article.) The site is not visible to public guests at the moment, and all new contributors are screened to ensure they are who they SAY they are within the general Cooper community. ‘Cooperland’ is a relatively small community and most of these people know each other from their writings, their books, their websites, and their videos at YouTube.

At present, there are few members.

Blevins says he likes it that way, stating that a few serious users and occasional Cooper fans are better than the alternative of wading through spam posts at Dropzone. It’s fairly certain that at some point soon, Dropzone will tire of Godsey’s attacks and simply lock the thread. Blevins has stated that this is probably the only solution.

The new D.B. Cooper discussion forum is now open, but anyone wanting to join should take advantage of the message option that is offered when registering. Do you want to send the admins a message before they approve your registration and allow you access to view and post at the site?

You should.

Blevins says that visitors wanting to join the site should say why they want to join the site, and if they are a known person in the Cooper community, they should use the same username they use at other sites. This is so other folks don’t try to steal their online identities, since many of the people who discuss the Cooper case are more well-known by their usernames, rather than a real name. This includes people like ‘Shutter,’ (he hosts another site on Cooper) ‘Georger,’ (a former university educator who has made thousands of posts on the case) and many others.

In any case, the screening process takes a day or two and is slanted toward security and honesty…and AWAY from people like the spammer at Dropzone. All applicants get an email from Robert personally, with a few questions. Nothing personal is asked he says. He also says his philosophy on establishing such a forum is that it is purposely made difficult to join, because something acquired too easily is much less valued. You can find the portal to the website HERE.

Other places on the internet that are Cooper-related include:

The Quora dot com Space on D.B. Cooper.
The D.B. Cooper Info Page at Adventure Books of Seattle.

UPDATE: Godsey has been perma-banned by Dropzone.

Submitted by Greg the Techie Guy at Adventure Books of Seattle

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