D.B. Cooper 50th Anniversary Festival- June 4-6, 2021

Adventure Books of Seattle, sponsors of the final ‘Cooper Days’ party that was held for more than forty years at the Ariel General Store and Tavern in Ariel, WA is hosting a FREE festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of the only unsolved hijacking in U.S. history.

This festival will be held north of Mt. Rainier, Washington state, about eight miles south of Greenwater, WA in the Snoqualmie National Forest. Attendance is by application with AB of Seattle, through their Contact Form on the Festival Page at the main website.

The festival is an organized group campout with certain amenities provided. We can give you the short list here, but if you want full details, just click on the link above this picture.

The Basics

  • The festival starts Friday morning, June 4, 2021 and runs until Sunday morning, June 6.
  • To get on the email update list, use the link above with the Contact Form at the main Adventure Books website. Updates are about once a month, and we send them out using BCC (‘blind carbon copy’) in the address box so that your email is not shown to anyone else receiving the message.
  • Either prior to showing up, or when you arrive, you must provide proof you have received the two-shot series of the Covid-19 vaccine. (More about this at the main web page.) This is absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE. This is a COVID-FREE FESTIVAL.
  • Two shower tents will be provided, one for men, one for women. Each contains a small table, a portable flush toilet, and an electric shower. You can heat your own water, or use our water heater, which heats water in a five-gallon plastic bucket. A small chair and ladder are in each tent for your convenience. The ladder is to hang a camping shower bag if you wish, although we do have two electric showers that pump hot water from the same five gallon buckets.
  • Power sources are provided to charge your devices.
  • There will be a small stage for anyone who wants to make a Cooper-related presentation. Slots are limited. You will have the use of the PA system and other media for your presentation. Or you can just play an instrument, sing, whatever you wish. Basically, we provide the means and the power, and the festival goers decide what to do with it all.
  • There is a free BBQ on Saturday. We provide the meats, you provide your own side dishes.
  • A DB Cooper Lookalike Contest is being held on Saturday. You can do dress up as Cooper, one of the stewardesses, or a flight crew member. Prizes awarded for the best costumes in the form of Amazon Gift Cards.
  • A ten-foot screen and media projector are provided for your entertainment at night, as well as a stereo and PA system. There is also a 32-inch TV, which is more for daytime use, or if you bring a game system.
  • There will be presentations by Cooper fans, authors, and investigators. Not too many, but a few. It IS a party, after all.
  • No one under the age of 21 is allowed, mainly because alcohol is allowed on group campouts in the National Forest. Anything legal in Washington and with the US Forest Service is allowed. We will be operating under a non-commercial (no charge to attend) group camping permit.
  • Movies and music are provided, or bring your own. Festival goers are expected to provide their own food and drink, with the exception of the BBQ on Saturday afternoon.
  • Small RV’s, truck campers, or camper vans are allowed. Big trailers and big RV’s probably won’t be able to get to the site anyway, and if they do, they will have to park outside the main festival area.
  • There is much more, but it’s better if you just check out both the Main Festival page at AB, as well as the More FAQ’s Page.
  • About three weeks prior to the Festival, everyone on the email update list is sent a multi-page document in PDF and Word with full contact information, radio frequencies we monitor, and detailed maps to the festival site. Included are also some suggestions on gear you may want to bring with you.
  • For general inquiries, contact Robert or Greg at adventurebooksofseattle@gmail.com
A few words on the Festival from Robert.

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