Humor In DB Cooper Land – Cartoons on the Infamous Bob Knoss

Bob Knoss, a guy who has been trying to convince people for years that the crew of Flight 305 were actually involved in the hijacking, is definitely ‘out there’ on the fringes. He was once interviewed by author Geoff Gray for Gray’s book on the case, Skyjack. When Knoss went off to the bathroom for a moment, Gray notes in his book that he saw porno pop up on Knoss’ computer as the screensaver.

That’s not the worst of it, though.

Knoss’ IP was traced to a number of obscene comments on an internet article about Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen. Knoss goes on the attack against everyone no matter where he is on the internet, and has been banned from practically every website on Cooper.

Part of Knoss’ theory about the hijacking is that it was pulled off by Richard Floyd McCoy, the perpetrator of ANOTHER hijacking a few months after the DB Cooper gig. McCoy was caught soon afterward. More than a few people still believe that McCoy and Cooper were one and the same, so at first glance Knoss’ theory appears reasonable. But appearances CAN be deceiving.

Houston, We Have a Problem: Knoss also insists that he is in communication with Richard Floyd McCoy today, and that’s how he knows all of this. But McCoy was killed by the FBI in Virginia Beach on November 9, 1974. He had escaped Federal prison a few months previously, and when the FBI finally tracked him down…he was foolish enough to go for a gun and got a 12-gauge blast of buckshot in his chest. He died soon afterward.

Basically, when people look up ‘DB Cooper Nuts’ in the dictionary, a picture of Bob Knoss usually appears. After a while, I decided to create some cartoons about him, some of which are shown below.






Where Did D.B. Cooper Get the Tie He Left Behind on the Plane? Maybe HERE.

Cooper was careful to take back any notes and dispose of certain evidence before he jumped from the Boeing 727 on the evening of November 24, 1971. But he discarded a JC Penney tie on the back of his seat. If NWA purser and former paratrooper Ken Christiansen was Cooper, we think we know where he got it. Where? At the JC Penneys in downtown Auburn, WA. He would have gone right past it on his way to work at the SeaTac Airport. The only other nearby Penneys in 1971 was miles SOUTH of his apartment. His alleged accomplice Bernie Geestman, who lived in nearby Bonney Lake, also worked up north and would have taken the same route. We think that either Kenny was provided the tie by Geestman, or that Kenny bought it himself. But that in either case, the tie originated at the Auburn Penneys.

See the attached picture for details.TheTieAndWhy

DB Cooper/Ken Christiansen Podcast Goes On, Despite 1,398 Hack Attempts


Update: Podcast (an interview of yours truly by the guys at Mysterious Topics) was recorded today for later release, and ran on for nearly two hours via Skype.

And get this: Starting fifteen minutes BEFORE I signed into Skype…someone out there in Internet Land tried to lay some Trojan Horses on my computer. At least four attempts were made intially, then a total of 1398 more attempts while we were doing the podcast. All were blocked/quarantined by our security programs and then deleted. A full scan afterward was clean.

I can’t prove it of course, but it seems awfully coincidental that no attempts were made to hack us for many months, and then suddenly…after I give the time and date of the upcoming podcast out on the internet…someone tries to Trojan Horse us just a few minutes before we go live…and continues their attempts over a thousand times all through the program. (There is also a video of this podcast that was done from my end, and on the computer screen you can actually see the security warnings popping up one after another, all during the podcast) After I finished the podcast, I was able to go my security log and there were a whopping 1,398 Trojan Horse attempts made in an approximately two hour period. Most likely, it was an automatic program that was designed to ‘keep trying’ until results were obtained.

Whoa, Nellie…that’s a lot of horses.

And if you’re thinking it was because I was on Skype, think again. It started BEFORE I even signed in to Skype. Skype wasn’t even turned on when it started, so it wasn’t a Skype thing.

Nice try, whomever you are. We do have rather sophisticated security in place for our office computers though. And regular backups to external drives, as well as using an outside backup service. We do this because we have a ton of images and book files on our machines. Even if a hacker managed to get through our security, we would be fully restored in short order. You have to do that sort of thing these days.

Anyway, the podcast at Mysterious Topics (link below) will be available between November 1 and November 5. The video version will be uploaded to our YouTube channel at the same time.

Jazzed-Up Version of ‘D.B. Cooper in 3 Minutes or Less’

I expanded some of the images and added ‘All The Small Things’ by Blink 182. Scores of pics and docs and historical items present Kenny Christiansen as the famous skyjacker ‘D.B. Cooper’.

The Big Video: 90-minute presentation from YouTube on Cooper Suspect Ken Christiansen

Filmed in the Olympic Mountains back in June 2015, this video presents an extensive evidence package showing that former paratrooper and NWA employee Kenny Christiansen may have hijacked his own airline in November 1971 for $200,000 in cash. That amount is equivelent to just over a million bucks today.

Where Is Missing Witness in DB Cooper Case?

In seven separate interviews I did between January and October of 2010, Margaret Ann Geestman, the ex-wife of alleged Cooper accomplice Bernie Geestman, said her ex was involved in the famous hijacking. After her ex went into denial on the History Channel show ‘Brad Meltzer’s Decoded,’ (DB Cooper episode) she suddenly sold her ranch to the State of Washington’s Fish and Game Department. She received nearly a half-million dollars for the ranch.

Along the way, she told her lawyer (S. Renee Ewalt) and the bank officer who handled the sale, (Dave Thomsen of Winthrop, WA) not to reveal where she was going. No one has heard from her since. In her final interview, she admitted that Kenny Christiansen was with her husband the entire week the hijacking occurred. Some pictures of her ranch in Twisp, WA…and her.BerniePicforVideo




Pics and Video from the Beautiful Olympic Mountains

Last weekend I took a trip to the Olympics in Washington State for camping and some R/R. Snapped some photos and did a video on the unsolved murder of DB Cooper parachute packer Earl Cossey. Mr. Cossey was from Woodinville, WA and beaten to death in his own garage in April 2013. The King County Sheriffs Office still hasn’t a clue who did it. I had a few things to say about it.

Pictures from the trip below: